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Thread: Tips and ideas for promoting a YouTube video

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    Tips and ideas for promoting a YouTube video

    I'm going to start making some videos to upload onto YouTube for my website and I was hoping for some tips and advice about how to best create videos and promote them on YouTube. My website is about dehumidifiers, this is not exactly an exciting subject and most of my videos will be product reviews.

    So how do I go about making something as dull as a dehumidifer intersting? How do I go about promoting my videos on YouTube so that my videos appear on the search results on YouTube?

    Is there such a things SEO for YouTube?

    I'm really looking forward to some excellent advice and top tips!
    I build and maintain a website about dehumidifiers I've even started a blog about them!

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    Use your keywords in your title.

    Allow the video to be shared.

    Build backlinks to the video

    In other words promote the video the same way you would a single page of your site.

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  3. Embed the youtube videos in your site, start a facebook page and post your videos there.

    On facebook, there is an add-on that creates a youtube page with something like your 5 most recent videos.

    Be sure you have keywords in the video description, title and tags.

    Create links to the youtube video from social bookmarking sites.

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    Thank for the excellent tip about the Facebook page, I didn't know about the Youtube add on. So basically, its just a case of SEO and promotion the same as you would for a webpage. I wondered if there might be special considerations with regard to YouTube.

    Have many people had much sucess with promoting via a Facebook page? Its an interesting idea, I'm going to see about setting one up now.
    I build and maintain a website about dehumidifiers I've even started a blog about them!

  5. Make friends on youtube with the people that are in the top 5 of the result you want to be in. Also build backlinks just like you do with a website. You can use the url or the embedded code.

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    optimize the video title ,description,tag

    Do everything to increase view,friends,embeds,likes,comments(embed with relevant website,forum,blog,social network)

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    Most individuals are not willing to invest more than two to three moments on a YouTube video. Therefore, it is essential that it video is brief and to the factor. In the occasion that more time is necessary to intricate on a topic, the video should be accessed sections.

  8. I have been try this method to promote my product using Youtube video, and getting a lot of traffics for few month.

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    Everyone knows what YouTube is. The popular online video Web site serves up millions of videos to millions of viewers every day. These millions upon millions mean millions of dollars are being made. To promote your YouTube video through search engines using a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A popular term among webmasters, site owners and Web designers, SEO can help you promote your YouTube videos. The more popular your videos are, and the more people watch your YouTube clips, the more money you can make!

  10. Thanks for this great help

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