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Thread: Tips To Obtain Quality Back Links

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    There are thousands of directories, but not thousands of search engines. Other than the three search engines that I listed, you can't show me 100 other search engines that combined can drive 10% of the targeted traffic that the 800-pound gorilla can.

    And there you go again. Not paying attention to what I write. I don't put all of my eggs in one basket. I just happen to be getting hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month from the search engines that I do focus on. The only people I have ever met who claim to never focus on Google are the ones who do not know how to get results. Go ahead and focus on your thousands of directories. That and 10 cents won't buy you a cup of coffee.

    The chances that Google will go out of business appear to be about that same as seeing you substantiate any of your wild claims, so focusing on Google is a pretty safe bet.
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    I have no idea what those numbers mean. They are useless without an explanation. Your examples are as clear as everything else that you claim.

    I've got news for you. That is not my site in my signature. I added that link for a friend. And that site has dozens of top 5 rankings in Google for competitive search phrases.

    Quote Originally Posted by James Stein View Post
    But I do not focus only on google, you telling newbies to do so is wrong. That is exactly what you are doing with your post.
    Boy, you need to learn how to read. I have never told anyone to focus only on Google. I'm just challenging your BS about never focusing on them. Only a fool would claim to completely ignore the biggest opportunities on the web.

    This is getting too childish for me. Why don't you go play somewhere else?
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Stein View Post
    As for relying upon google, people can do as they wish ... Personally myself I have destroyed many competition because I DO NOT reply on google 100%. It is a Fact that thousands of search engines have millions of users. This is nothing that need to be proven, its a fact.

    Any smart internet marketer knows you must work on many different angles and not put all your eggs into one basket...
    People realize what you are saying about relying on Google. It's always a good strategy build referral traffic and traffic from outside the "big three". It's just that it some cases it won't make sense for a business to target the second tier traffic from the small search engines and directories.

    The affiliate marketer may be able to make money for second tier traffic. However, outside of some vertical directories the B2B sites aren't going to sell the high-end products on the small search-engines. I'm guessing that most of the traffic is because the homepage was set to the search engine and the user doesn't know how to change it. Most of the corporate traffic is coming from Google, MSN and Yahoo.

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    It really depends on the target market. The niche sites don't apply to all verticals like the mass market search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). But travel, real estate and health for example have more developed niche and networking sites. Activerain comes to mind for the real estate vertical.

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    Niche directories can drive traffic, but just like the situation with search engines for the general market, you can usually count on one hand the number of directories in each vertical that drive 95% of the traffic.

    The legal profession also has some very good niche directories that I've worked with.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Stein View Post
    Simple - you have 21 keywords in google on your first site and your 2nd site you have 2 keywords. You know things like that can be checked .. So let's talk BS ..
    Son, you are just not paying attention. Like I said, the tech site in my signature is not my site. You can check the WHOIS on the sites. I did some SEO work for a friend. His money phrase is 'Phoenix managed services' because he offers outsourcing services for IT shops. He had no presence in Google for that phrase, but he is now #1. At least he is in the four data centers that service Phoenix. That is what you learn how to do if you spend some time learning something about Google.

    I am not sure what you used to check keywords, because I just checked using the Google Keyword Tool and it shows 100 search phrases attributed to the hobby site and all of them are accurate. Google also shows 100 search phrases associated with the tech site. Whatever you used to check keywords in Google is not accurate. BTW, there has never been any AdWords advertising done with the hobby site, so Google picked up those keywords on their own.

    The hobby site is brand new and is part of an experiment with an exact match domain. It is an affiliate site automatically that is updated with data feeds from two hobby shops. It currently ranks #4 for a search for 'American hobbies', which according to Google was searched for 110,000 times last month.

    You can talk BS. I don't talk BS.

    Lets get back to the topic.
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  7. Niche directories can drive traffic
    sure it drives traffic, but is it actually going to be quality traffic that converts?
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    From the conversations you guys have, it tells us that we should try out many strategies when doing SEO. It also means that you cannot really predict the perfect "formula" in doing this. We should really be on the look on the changes of a search engine's algorithm, because it doesn't always the same for the entire time.

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    First off, this is a really entertaining thread, keep up the work guys

    Also, I am inclined to follow the advice provided by people that get 100's of thousands of visitors to their sites per month since that could make me rich.

    A few years ago I did get about 200K visitors per month and that earned me half my salary until Adsense rates dropped.

    So I am all ears when somebody who has huge traffic via SEO shares some tips.

    I have always monitored my stats and Google always delivered much more traffic than any other search engine so I tend to optimize for Google but does that mean I only target Google, I don't think so since how different can the other engines be?

    Surely they all respond in a similar way to page content and links?

    I guess if a page I had dropped out out the rankings on G and there was an easy way to re-optimize the page for Yahoo or Bing instead then I would want to do that.

    So what is the method to do this? Is it via quality back links or some other secret sauce?

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    nice post

    Quote Originally Posted by seo-gp View Post
    Following are some tips to obtain quality back links are:
    • Forums are the best way to achieve quality backlinks to your website. The best SEO services company select the forums for related website and then add signature link into it. Generate thread or post reply to the forums will generate more traffic and backlinks to your website.
    • Social media sites like facebook, twitter, my space where you promote your website link to generate more traffic.
    i really believe this , and is the best way ....for doing quality promo also for your website

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