"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" Andy Warhol

Now lets take a look at the Pizza delivery man. Looks like he sure got his 15 min

Oscars pizza delivery man, a Glendale resident, recounts 15 minutes of fame - Glendale News-Press

When I started my blog I had dream to put up great info on celebrities. Only one downfall I live in the midwest not in Hollywood so not much happens out my front window. What was I expecting, news to happen? Well it didn't, so the best I could do was to hunt other sites and and then tell my own story.

Great, but sometimes I wasted a lot of time on research of stuff just finding the article I wanted to post. I had No time leftover for promoting the site building links and so on...Then I discovered Google Trends after that I got on Twitter and watched what was trending.

Look at what is trending and write on that subject. A few times I got lucky. One time I was listed 2nd on page one of Google with in minutes of a trending tropic and for a few days the site was seeing 10,000's upon 10,000 of UV That lasted just a few days and you must start the process all over again. With good site layout people will click on other pages of your site and hopefully come back again and again.

People having a site/blog and earning a living with that is not a part time on weekends hobby. It is a full time commitment. I wish it would be like Field of Dreams "Build it and they will come." Lots of sites out there think this way. All I need is a site. Build it and then see mass numbers of people. Let me say this, it takes work.

Rant Over: Now back on topic.

Following Trends - I just found a site that can help you with things that are trending and this site covers a huge amount of trending topics.

If you are just starting. Use the Free area

Now Trending on TrendSpottr

or you can sign up for a free trail or a paid area when the big bucks start rolling in for you.

Now how I got lucky is write on something that is trending upwards but hunt for your own angle on the subject. Believe me people it will work.

"So strike while the iron is hot." and "Make hay when the sun shines." Boy I really love quotes don't I

Wishing you all #1 on page 1 of Google.