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    Do you ever use Topsites? If so, do you think they are effective?

    I use them and I think they can get you some hits and maybe if you get to the top, members

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    I do not use topsites, but from what I have heard they are effective, but not a major source of promoting. I personally never visit any topsite websites, and I feel that there are a lot of other people who do not as well. Those are the people that need to be reached via other methods. But you can get members from submitting your forum to a topsite website.

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    [quote name='Sbfc' date='20 February 2010 - 09:55 PM' timestamp='1266702920' post='9257']

    ...I use them and I think they can get you some hits and maybe if you get to the top, members


    Does it bother you having to link back to them, from your own site?

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    I have only used one topsite so far, and it has barely done anything, but I am not at the top, so that could be why. But in general, I do not use top sites much.

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    I submitted both my sites to "" and they are at the top for a few months now!

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    I know we use one topsite... we&#39;re #4 or 5..I don&#39;t recally clearly...but we just put >>TO Advertise AB Click Here<< as a redirect, and people click :3 Gets us where we need to be, not a lot of work, and I&#39;ve seen people actually come in from clicking it! Lol!

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    Rarely now. I am keeping external links to a minimum.

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    Does anybody know and good top gaming forum websites? I have tried searching on Google but they all seem to be for some hosted server games and it doesn&#39;t make sense to me. I just would like a gaming forum top site if anybody knows or is joined with one?

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