Twick'in allows you to cloak, track and share your affiliate links on First, you submit your link and decided if you want to protect statistics with a password. Then, you share the link easily on Twitter, on twick'in. Finally, your followers click, you track them and you earn money. Repeat this pattern as long as you want, is totally free of use. Today, you are going to learn how to earn money in less than 2 minute with

1. Submit - 00:00:00
Open with your browser and submit your link.
You can choose to protect statistics with a password, ... or not.

2. Share - 00:00:05
Yes, after that you are still on our site! You can now tweet, just enter your informations (not stored!) and press the button.
We give you some time to write a catching tweet. Tic-tac, tic-tac, ...

3. Track - 00:01:00
The tweet is made, just let your addicted followers see it... Okay? You got your first click? With, you can track the numbers of clicks,
the referrers and re-tweets of your cloaked link.

4. Earn - 00:02:00
Stooop! Time is over. Now, if you have a lot of followers, you should have made some clicks and surely a sale.
We are so happy for you ! But, sorry, we can't do more, for the paycheck, contact your advertising company.

Wait, maybe all of that we said was too hard for you.
If you want precisions about twitter and way to make money from it, read our page.

In the forward to help you more (and more),
The Twick'in Staff.