I got this article from my friend's blog: Understanding Geomarketing to Make Money Online | Solid Entrepreneur It seemed interesting to me : ))

Geomarketing is the aspect of internet marketing that targets a specific group of people based on location, class, or interest. This can help make sales because the whole idea of marketing is connecting services and products with people who want to buy them. This is the true perspective of online money making.

There are two main aspects to geomarketing and these are geolocation and geotargeting.


The process of obtaining geolocation information can be done through several means. For one, websites log a user’s IP (internet protocol) address every time a user accesses the page. If you wanted to find out where the majority of your customers are, you could simply review, say, 60% of the IP addresses in the log and see where those computers are. Another way to find out where your customers are is to track them by GPS or GMS methods. Both of these options can be applied to cell phone users, atm transactions, credit card information and landline phone numbers.


Once you figure out where your customers are, you will want to use geotargeting to provide those customers with relevant information such as shipping costs, news, weather and other important local information. Geotargeting can be accomplished by having the user enter personal information like their country or zip code. For instance, if you type your 5-digit zip code into Google’s search engine along with the keyword “weather,” it will give you a five day forecast of the weather in your hometown. This makes the internet experience more personal for the end user and they will continue to use your service.

In order to make money online, you will have to learn these kinds of features and figure out how to best service your clients and make them want to return to your company for all of their related needs. Remember, a happy customer is a repeat customer!