I did a lot of searching for an answer but couldn't find a definite one anywhere regarding the effect of framebreakers on Google Images SERPs placement, hence I did a small test on one of my sites last week.

What is a Framebreaker?
=>A Framebreaker is a Javascript code that when placed in the header of your site will help your site to break itself out of any frames.
Below is the code :
<script type="text/javascript">
if (parent.frames.length > 0) { parent.location.href = location.href; }
What are frames? Where can such a situation arise?

1) You may have visited PTC(Paid-To-Click) sites. They open up the ads within frames. So it is one website which opens up another website within itself using frames.

2) Whenever you click on an image from Google Images, you would've noticed that you aren't directed fully to that website. Google opens up that website within a frame where it displays the image you clicked on. From there it is your choice if you want to hit the 'back' button and return to Google or hit the 'x' button within the frame to close the frame and visit the page the image is displayed on.

In the above situations, if you have a framebreaker code placed in your website, the user is automatically broken out of the frame and redirected to your website.

The Experiment :

I receive a moderate amount of constant traffic for one of my websites from Google Images. So i decided to insert the FrameBreaker code on Dec 7th 2010 right after the analytics daily traffic-update.
Since the site is updated daily, the activity of Googlebot is pretty high so it wouldn't have been long before the code was detected by Googlebot and the necessary SERP changes made.
I removed the code after 4 days on December 11th.
No Seo influencing activities were done during this period.

Observations :

1) As seen in the image above. The traffic instantly dropped from the next traffic-update according to Google Analytics. So we can assume, the site would've been dropped for all keywords(mostly long tail) almost instantly after the code was inserted.

2) The traffic from Google's contextual search was as usual and so were the positions of all keywords. Only The placements on Google Images was disturbed.

3)Once the framebreaker code was removed, the traffic started rising from the next google analytics traffic-update.

4) No pages(total=1500+) were Deindexed & No images(total=540+) were Deindexed.

So there seems to be a filter/penalty that restricts sites using the frame breaker code from ranking well in Google Images.