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Thread: Using RSS feed to Promote your site

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    Using RSS feed to Promote your site


    Can someone explain this so a dummy like me can understand it please.

    Here are my questions:

    How often do you or should you submit your site?

    Do you submit every feed on your site or just the main feed?

    After you submit your feed, what next do you do?

    Should you bookmark, and ping the feed page?

    Are these feeds backlinks that are worth anything?

    Is it worth your time to even submit feeds?

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    I am of the anti-rss feed group.

    Not too many people actually set up so many rss feeders to grab new posts, and sites, etc.

    If they do, it is if they visit your blog and get the rss feed there.

    RSS I believe is a dying creation.

    I for one don't use RSS feeders and readers, etc.

    I want news, I go straight to the news source, not wait for some rss feed to let me know.

    Or twitter...think twitter is used more and by more more than ever used rss feeds.

    So, waste of time to worry about posting anything to rss feeds and rss directories.

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    I had heard somewhere that the future of RSS is not going too far with some new technologies coming soon. But I think that RSS (for now) makes good sense to spread cross site content.


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    you have to consider the importance of RSS in sharing content to cross-platform devices, e.g. I can check news feeds from windows sidebar, mobile phone etc so developers won't need to build custom APIs (only an RSS scrapper)
    this article can be useful: RSS Scraper

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    Thanks for sharing answers. I have also the same questions for my website feed. I have just launched my website and i also added feeds to my website so that i can easily increase more number of visitors on my website.

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    On my affiliate manager blog I'm pinging a few services when I make updates with my RSS feed and I'm using feedburner for e-mail subsciptions, but overall not many people use actual RSS readers anymore it seems.

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    Try getting genuine subscriptions.

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