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Thread: Video Marketing

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    so, how about my question about what is their method to get that traffic?

    Anyway,from your opinion, how the length/duration of the video should be to make it effective? I ever read, 1-2 minutes video is enough

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    The odds are very high that it is a pyramidal scheme, therefore I'll keep my position that the traffic you get from such 'magical' formulas is useless in the end.

    The lenght of the video does not matter, what's important is its content.

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    I think lenght of video is a matter. We want get a lot of viewer of video, right? So, we should make condition to support it. With a long length of video, that's mean the size is big. We're know there is a people who have not good internet connection. So, if their find your video is take too long time to open, they will leave it

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    never tried it out myself, but putting up a cool video on youtube and putting your site's watermark on it will certainly get you some visitors in, especially when you stars for your own youtube video
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    Hmm, I've just been thinking about this, and I'm assuming this thread is aimed at making a video advertising your site?

    I have an idea to make a really cool video (probably stop motion animation) and try and make it go viral. I'll then watermark it with my URL and hopefully let the traffic roll in. If I were to do this, what would be the best kind of video?

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    not for site but also video for offering your product

    I think adding humour strategy in your advertising is effective. If the video is funniest, usually people will shown it to their friend or family, and that's mean your viral purpose already happen, right?

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    Shoemoney posted this very interesting post about video marketing which got my attention. Currently I am targeting some keywords with low search volumes and high competition but, no videos in the results. I think its worth trying out which I will definitely do.

    Has anyone done video marketing before and were you happy with the result?
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    Andy Jenkings now really got me converted.

    Part 2 of this Video Marketing Series shows how you can start making videos.
    You will also see the example of the stunning Google Superbowl Ad

    [ame=""]YouTube- Superbowl 2010 Google Ad[/ame]

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    I recently did a study regarding how to get a video to rank well in YouTube.

    The keywords in the title are a critical factor. The title is also the HTML title tag for the page.

    In addition to the other issues mentioned (backlinks are important), the number of Views affects the ranking within YouTube. Posting the YouTube video on as many sites as you can increases the number of Views. The ranking within YouTube determines if Google will display the video in its search results, so it is important to work on the YouTube ranking.

    If you have funds to promote a video, advertising via YouTube's promoted videos should increase the Views.

    I also think the video needs some sound and some action. I know this is your first time down the YouTube learning curve, but what you produced was more of a PowerPoint presentation than a video. Let's see some action with the next one.

    Does anyone know where to find background music that does not infringe on artists' copyrights? Is there an iStockPhoto type of site for background music?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    Is there an iStockPhoto type of site for background music?
    iStockPhoto has great audio (music) files as well.

    So, how do you go trying to rank a video in google when not using YouTube? I have an offline service oriented site. My future clients will never search Youtube for this service, nor is it interesting for YouTube users to watch a video about my service. I don't see benefits of uploading and promoting my video in YouTube, or am I missing the clue?

    I haven't made a video yet but this is my plan:
    Use selected keywords for the video title. Place it on my site in this keyword related article or 1 page site with exact match keyword .com. Do the regular SEO stuff for this page/video.

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