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Thread: Viewing competitors linkbacks?

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    Viewing competitors linkbacks?

    Is there a way to check on the link backs to a competitors website? I am interested to know what sort of numbers/types of links are needed in my field to help you get near the top.

    I know there is more to it than just the one thing, but I need to start somewhere!!

  2. There is a website called backlinkwatch - or something like that. Just find that site, enter the url to the site you want to check and there ya go.

    You can also use the link: site name command in google and yahoo.

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    Or just go to and install the plugin(toolbar) for Firefox, it'll give you a detailed summary of any site including pagerank, links indexed by google/bing/yahoo, google/yahoo backlinks, etc..

    A piece of advice : when calculating estimates for a competitors backlinks, always consider yahoo backlinks. Google publicly never displays the right number, its just visible to the webmaster is webmaster tools, for others it displays a fairly random number less than the backlinks the site may actually have.

  4. You can also install the google toolbar, it has a backlink checker built into it. But like snak3 said, google does not display all of the backlinks.

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