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    Viral Traffic

    I presonally think that it is an unworth attempt to get quality traffic and uniques.
    Even if you get 10 thousands of visitors every week from this method, I'm pretty sure they cannot be converted into anything else.

    You can, of course, disagree with me; but I would like you to say why it's good/useful.

    So what are your opinions? Did such a scheme ever worked for you?



  2. make them convert, that is up to you....the methods you use.
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    The only thing I have made work is the tell a friend script and that is only if I am putting up good content

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    Well, if a post from your blog gets a lot of traffic (such as from digg), I suggest you put a reminder to subscribe at the top or the bottom.

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    converted traffic or no it's all depend on what is written in your blog. Need to make very persuasive sales letter and then visitor will be converted to be prospect and then maybe become buyer. All is about sales letter

    so, viral traffic is not bad...

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