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    Visitors or Page Views

    Here is something I think is more relevant when it comes to advertising your link on a blog.

    That is not, like everyone thinks, is visitors!
    Seems like everyone wants to know how many visitors a blog gets, how many are unique visitors, how many come from google, etc.

    But no one ever asks:
    How many page views does your blog get?

    So a blog that gets over 12k visitors per month....
    Gets 54k page views.

    How many times is your link going to be shown?

    Thus, do you want to buy advertising on a blog based on visitors?
    Or based on page views?

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    The Page View count is normally much higher (for me), so that would be a better metric to use when marketing Ad slots on your site IMO. Another factor is ranking of keywords that your advertisers are after.

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    Ubber guicci is if you can track the clicks out so you can advertise a CTR if your daily PV's are low, but you have a higher click through on ads you can use that as another leverage point.

  4. I think organics visitor is the best ones. If you have a blog or site with thousands of organics visitor, I think this is the best conversion for you, and its different with pages view. You can optimize how to get more organics visitor come to your blog.

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    Nah, I say, organic, inorganic, visitors is not the only way.
    Again, page views.

    I have found that people that advertise that their site/blog gets xxx or x,xxx visits per day have a horrible page view total.
    Which leads me to believe these people use traffic services to bump the numbers.

    500 visitors per day who just come to the site/blog and then move on, are not worth what 200 visitors per day who look at 3 to 10 pages per visitor.

    And the more an ad, a banner, a link, is shown, the better chance that visitors will click on it.

    So I have to agree with those who say good page views are a good indication of using to get advertisers and to charge advertisers with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    500 visitors per day who just come to the site/blog and then move on, are not worth what 200 visitors per day who look at 3 to 10 pages per visitor.
    I would comply to that as the 200 visitors who look at 3 to 10 pages are more likely to prove beneficial from the perspective of advertising with the results. It shows a better statistical approach.

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    My experience is this:
    When selling, highest number for the intro...
    If you deal with < 10 k page views per day you are in a small or niche market
    If you deal with a medium to large advertiser they are more interested in reach (ie they don't really care about your site's readership, etc)
    Advertisers going for specific ROI will want uniques, page views, analytics...more you provide the more you make...
    If you are < 10 K page views per day you are small market...some would argue this figure is really 100K per day....
    Get what you can get from private advertising....sometimes cPA or private sales will make a lot more for you...sometimes they won't!

    On CTR...I have run > 10 million impressions on > 10 sites with the same advertisement across > 3 niches in the last year (total of more than a trillion total...) stats tell me that conversions go down over time of impression (ad blindness) which tells me as an advertiser that unique impressions are significantly MORE important than repeat visits or impressions....if anyone has a scientific sample size in the billions or greater which states otherwise pls share....for these tests I did not dynamically change the advertisement. If yo don't have math or proof to back up theory then try testing...


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    I agree with your information and thanks a lot for share so nice info.

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