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Thread: Want to get a page indexed that is not mine.

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    Want to get a page indexed that is not mine.

    I took social bookmarking service and now I see that my website is on the pages of digg, reddit, propeller and 40 other sites which are not indexed by google happened cos the service provider registered new account on each site, so it isn't indexed yet..I want to get those pages indexed fast so that I can get my dofollow links in those pages get is it possible??

    or would you recommend that i wait for google/yahoo to find them?? but i doubt it can be found because only my site has been bookmarked by that account.

    I hope i am making sense cos m too much drowsy

  2. I way to get pages indexed is to build links to them.

    Perhaps you could built a page "Find Us On the Web" and link to all of those pages from your site?
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  3. If you have a live blog, you can create a page linking to all those pages you want to index. live blogs are easily crawled by the spider now so once the page in the blog has been crawled, the links will be followed and possibly will be indexed too.

    But anyway, pages in the social bookmarking sites are crawled every now and then. So it may just take a day or two before those are to be indexed by Goolge.

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