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Thread: Websites in Spanish - Looking for Your Advice

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    Lightbulb Websites in Spanish - Looking for Your Advice

    Hey fellow Netbuilders,

    I think a couple of guys here (also) run some websites in Spanish. I would like to ask them whether they could share some tricks or resources for promoting web sites in Spanish.

    I think I have an idea how web site promotion is usually done, yet many resources seem to English centric. I will be glad if you can share webmaster forums and anything else that can be useful for promoting my sites.

    My Spanish is limited as it was only a 18 month ago when I moved from Brazil to Ecuador. So I have a number of writers at hand which are coming up with the content, such as for Juegos de Carros Gratis for example where games are currently being added.

    On the other hand I also have travel related web sites which could need a boost. I, for instance own Turismo Costa Rica which I have acquired recently. Should you be an expert on Joomla, please get in touch with for I need some minor changes for a small fee. Sorry for digressing.

    I am looking forward to hear from all who have hands on experience with websites in Spanish. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm don't have any Spanish websites, but I figure its like English where the country specific sites are on the local TLDs like .uk,.ca,.ie etc and the international websites are on the com/org/net etc

    Turismo Costa Rica seems like a website that you would want to promote in the New York and Miami markets.

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