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Thread: What is this???

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    What is this???

    I was checking Google hot trends few minutes ago and got this..

    And When I searched more I found this..

    What is this??

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    Here is what it says in the FAQ section of that website:

    Alex and Erty were chatting on Google Talk one night, and Erty wondered if was taken. He jokingly wondered if they could set up a search service for Google itself. Unfortunately, was taken, but Alex pointed out that was available. In a impulse buy, they purchased the domain (Alex already had some hosting) and someone had the idea of putting four Googles on the page. Thus, GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle was born.
    The site is not affiliated with google in any way.

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    That's the worst crap I've ever heard of Buying GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle because the others weren't available and than putting on a search engine page 4 times.. those guys are on drugs
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    I went on that site and it's actually pretty cool totally useless well I can't think of a good use for it but it is still cool though.

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    lol, its seriously Hilarious. Maybe someone has made use of bots to come up on the 'Hot Trends' by repeatedly searching the same term.

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    I just Googled stuff 4 times on that page. I like how at the bottom they call it Goog4.

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    Too much money and time can lead to this..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisFletcher View Post
    Too much money and time can lead to this..
    Or too boring life.

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    i dont remember url but one day when i am surfing net i saw gmail3d {or something} and saw same functionality as gmail but that is shit, that was a gmail page which is develop to hack gmail ides
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisFletcher View Post
    Too much money and time can lead to this..
    Must be leaving in his parents basement and have 24/7 for stuff like this


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