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Thread: What is +30 Penalty..Have anyone faced such Penlities??

  1. What is +30 Penalty..Have anyone faced such Penlities??

    As the title says what is +30 Penalty and one of my site is facing such penalities,now all my keywords for that site which ranked first in google is in 5th page(i think it is +50 Penalty)...Have any of you guys faced such penalities if so how you got over it...I am not sure of the reason for it still....I believe it is mainly due to over optimization of my site and due to the excessive usage of same keywords for link builiding!!

  2. There is an enormous amount of speculation regarding the minus thirty penalty, but no one outside of Google really knows the truth.

    These links should get you caught on on the speculation:

    Can you post the URL of the site experiencing the difficulty?
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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