Before you spend your time and effort sending a ton of traffic to your website, it is a good idea to make sure your website is converting the traffic you generate at the highest possible rate.

There is no sense in sending traffic to a website that doesn't convert well.

With that being said, there is no sense in having a website that converts at 100% if you can't generate any traffic.

I am going to assume you have conversion down to a science.

I use 3 main techniques to generate most of my traffic.

1. High Profile Content Syndication - Let's say you just wrote an incredible article, packed with tons of great, valuable content. Many people would submit that article to an article submission site like ezine articles, or go articles.

What I do, is contact the owner of a high traffic website or blog in my niche, with products or services as closely related to mine as I can, and I ask them to publish my article. Your article, with the link to your site at the end of it, is now in front of a whole lot of eyes that are hungry for what you have.

2. Forum Marketing - Use your search engine to search for a popular forum in your niche. Register, and set up your profile as completely as you can. Don't just immediately make a promotional post and leave.

Take the time to look around the forum before you make any posts. Pay attention to the way people communicate. Then join the conversation. Ask and answer questions in a conversation manner, not a promotional manner. Take note of questions that are being asked the most often. Find the most helpful answer to that question, and start a thread with the solution.

3. Social Media - Again, find a social networking site in your niche. Again, register, and set up a complete profile. Again, don't just start slinging your sales pitch. People run from salesmen and women, but they flock towards helpful people that have their best interest in mind.

Again, pay close attention to the way people communicate within that particular social network, because they are all different. Again, join in on the conversation. Again, ask and answer questions in a conversational manner, not a promotional manner. Again, take note of the most frequently asked questions. Again, provide solutions to these problems.

There is a recurring theme here. It is a founding principle in any business, online or offline, to provide as much value as you can. People do not visit your website or blog because they want to make you some money. People visit your website or blog because they are looking for a solution to their problem.

Here's the thing. Most people know this already. So why aren't they getting any traffic, or making any money? Because they are not taking action, and implementing it.

Just knowing this, and understanding it won't get you any results, unless you take ACTION!

I hope this inspires you to take action.

Good luck.

Matthew Zinda