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Thread: What is better? Signature Links OR In content blog posts links

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    It also depends on the search engine... Google seems to know where the signature starts, perhaps since it is not unique and the same signature is used on the other pages... I doubt google would know if you would have a slightly different signature in every post. However, forum signatures do appear in the links on yahoo...
    Seems that people nowadays mean google by saying "search engines". They are all different. I have a website with hundreds od thothands of pages that get a lot of traffic from yahoo but none from google. It has hundreds of thousands of pages, but since the content has a lot of youtube videos that are not really unique, google only has 400 pages indexed, while yahoo indexes most of them...
    So yeah, if you are trying to focus on google, signature links don't matter much. I just post as I normally would even without the signature links, so it doesnt matter to me much. BTW, google also knows if the link is a blog comment in most of the cases.
    I believe that they all do have a little weight though, even if they don't show in ""...

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    Quote Originally Posted by elbandelero View Post
    Care to explain this one a little more? Sounds to me like an old wives tale.
    regarding title matching,

    what I meant was, If the title of the page you are linking from and the title of your page you are linking to should match or be relavent. Titles should be of same topic. Hope you got it.

    Regarding sig links, your niche forum links will give you link juice as well as targetted traffic.

    say you have a site about cars. signature links from 3-4 car forums will help greatly, just make sure you go for the best related forums with pr4+. Start posting only in the new threads with incontent links pointing to your site( here also you can match the titles) (do not post in old threads).

    I am not good at explaining,


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    Quote Originally Posted by gmail View Post
    regarding title matching,

    say you have a site about cars. signature links from 3-4 car forums will help greatly, just make sure you go for the best related forums with pr4+.
    One question here - why pr4+ forums? Even if the main url PR4+, the thread is still PR0 most of the time and most likely will remain PR0 lifetime... ( I had to place wwww. since substitutes the title to some porn forum, lol)
    I don't think PageRank of the forum matters much since you are not likely to be on the index page anyway... However, maybe you are right, that is just my own opinion...

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    Definitely in content, but sig links can give you a nice additional boost.
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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