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Thread: What is better? Signature Links OR In content blog posts links

  1. Question What is better? Signature Links OR In content blog posts links

    What is better... 300-400 signature links (say of DP) having the same anchor text and pointing to the same URL?


    5 to 6 links having different anchor text pointing to the same URL. These links are in-content blog posts link and not site wide. (I am not talking about high PR(5+) blogs here)

    Inviting opinions? [Anything for that matter, feel free to thrash the comparison if you like ]

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    It's a good comparison because what you describe is an easy way for most new webmasters to get some backlinks.

    One of my sites only has forum backlinks and a few blog backlinks, and in Google Webmaster Tools all of the links are displayed, but I've noticed that DP sig links seem to have almost no value at all. A single new link from a relevant blog is able to boost my SERP several notches, whereas even 500 backlinks from forums counts for virtually nothing.

    Here's a tip though, don't go for sig links, instead start new threads asking for a review or something like that, they seem to do more good, maybe as much as an incontent link.

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    I usually prefer in-context txt link. Unless the sig link is high pr follow link

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    In-content links are waaaaaaaay better than forum signature links for improving rankings

    Signature links are good enough for bringing SEs to site for proper indexing.
    Need some time to handle deferred joining date by three big IT companies.

    If your work is still pending, I'll soon get in touch.

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    In content any day - signature links are OK, but don't even stress about them. (Stress too much on signature links and you will become an Anthony Cea wacko )

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    Make sure the site giving you in-content links is related to yours, has unique content, and has backlinks. In-content links from spammy sites won't help your site in any way
    Need some time to handle deferred joining date by three big IT companies.

    If your work is still pending, I'll soon get in touch.

  7. Thanks everyone.
    I can relate to what elban explained. It may sound bizzare but one of my sites got a PR2 with a single in-post link from DP. it was just a month old when update took place.

    Here is a follow up Q. Say you are targeting a deep link in your site. The page is just a day (or a week) old. What is your "link building" strategy for such a page?
    If you are going to buy some incontent links from related blogs how many links would you buy at a time (per day or per week or per month!)

    Assuming that the site is placed in a medium competitive niche.

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    I'm not very good in seo. I get my traffic via ppc marketing.

    But I think, that for deep links, article marketing could work well. Pick up the most important kw in that page. Put it to google kw tool, and search for relevant keywords.

    Out of those, pick the ones with less competition in Google. (Search that kw phrase with quotes"" on Google) Then write article on each of those low competition keywords.

    You should get to 1st page on Google with some of those articles. And remember to include a link to your website page, in your resource box.

    But again, I want to remind you, that I'm not very good in seo.

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    one good content link

    One good, relevent content link is far better than all the sig links.

    You will tragetted traffic and link juice.

    Make sure title of the pages also matche.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmail View Post
    Make sure title of the pages also matche.
    Care to explain this one a little more? Sounds to me like an old wives tale.

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