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Thread: what is a better strategy

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    Smile what is a better strategy

    what is a better strategy to get more visitors

    - writing an article based on a high search keyword and spending more time on building links
    - writing multiple articles on less frequency keywords and spend less time to build links

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    Both of course Maybe start with nr 2 and build to doing more of nr 1? Really, most fail to do either though, so making a plan that you sorta stick to would be the best starting point!

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    I think it would work better a mixture of the two option given.


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    I feel there is no guarentee that the first strategy would be a hit because there are lot of competitors....but the success rate of second strategy is more

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    i did the second one and target very low search keyword (10-20 search), btw it does bring me huge traffic (high SERP, huge number of low search keyword) ....

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