The webmasters apply different methods to rank the site on leading search engines that may
or may not be according to the rules of search engines. There are 3 most important things
that search engines want webmasters to do with their sites:

1. Design the content of your site for users (not only for search engines)
2. promote your site the way you would if search engines did not exist
3. Implement a search engine friendly web design that makes it easy for search engines
to crawl and understand your site

Design content for users: If you write content for users, probability that you will lay
your site out in a clean, easy to understand manner increases .you can also use one of the
popular keyword tools to find the most commonly searched keywords. Even as you design sites just for users, using keyword rich content that include the terms that your potential customers use is exactly what you would like to do.
Promote your sites as if search engines didn't exist: Search engines calculate incoming
links to your site to determine what your site is about and also to evaluate the
importance of your site. The single most important factor in evaluating these
links is the relevance of the link. If you get links from the sites that are
closely related to yours, it tells the search engine that your site is an
important site in your field.
Implement a Search Engine Friendly Design: There are many things to consider in search
engine friendly design; few of them are listed below:
∑Make it simple for the search engine to recognize your site. Simple tree hierarchies and
a simple text based global navigation system should be used.
∑Don't have pages that have more clicks from the home page. The search engine uses such
type of information to understand the importance you attach to a page.
∑Duplicate pages should not be included in the site as Search engines want to rank only
one copy of a piece of content in their index. .
∑Don't design your site using technologies like Javascript and Flash that search engines
canít read. If you do use them, make sure that any links that you use in them are also
implemented in text as well.
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