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Thread: What does alternate means

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    What does alternate means

    I was recently looking for dofollow and nofollow blog when i came upon this type

    rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml">

    does that mean providing feeds to search engine? . what should i take this as dofollow or nofollow

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    Links in HTML documents

    12.3.3 Links and search engines

    Authors may use the LINK element to provide a variety of information to search engines, including:

    • Links to alternate versions of a document, written in another human language.
    • Links to alternate versions of a document, designed for different media, for instance a version especially suited for printing.
    • Links to the starting page of a collection of documents.

    The Alternate link relationship defines an alternate version of the document. Translations of a page can be identified by using REL=Alternate along with the HREFLANG attribute. Versions of the page tailored for specific media can be provided by combining REL=Alternate with the MEDIA attribute.

    -- Anyway, since I don't see "nofollow" in your HTML I assume it's a dofollow link to an alternate document version.

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    Nop there was nothing like no follow in the html of the website so i suppose its do follow

    Thanks for explaining

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