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Thread: What does a successful product need?

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    What does a successful product need?


    Let us discuss what a product needs to be successful.

    I think firstly the product should have a demand.

    Your turn now.


  2. The product has to be a BOMB, it has to provide real value.
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    it should be for suitable for everyone everywhere

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    It needs to fill it's purpose. That's it really: if it does what people need it to do, it should sell well

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    What products need to be succesfull is an market. Is market available/no? That's why we need to do a reasearch first.

    And the price should be appropriate, if we compare it with the content of that product. The product should be worth in x price

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    i think that product need :
    3.also a right promo, so people can know about the product

    without promo, the product is useless, because no one know about it

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    You need a well designed sales page with some good written stuff on it.

    You should try and create urgency.

  8. You need to offer same quality as your competitors, but lower price or better quality at the same price.
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    It needs to solve a (big)problem. The people whose problem you solved will promote your book for good. The sales will come naturally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    it should be for suitable for everyone everywhere
    That's more like mass selling milk, or deodorant. Every product is not made for everyone.

    I think you should focus on providing a solution to a group of people that really need it, such as how companies sell medical machines to hospitals, bricks to construction companies, so on and so forth. Give your customers something that -they- consider essential.

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