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Thread: What is the last thing you googled?

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    What is the last thing you googled?

    Hey! just tell us here what is the last thing you searched on google. Well I searched for some lectures for my MBA. What you last Googled?

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    The last keyword I Googled was 'Cheapest XBox360 deals'. Somehow didn't find something i wanted on ebay at a lesser rate, so thought i'd find an alternative.

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    I was last goggled is”Blackberry mobile”.
    I want to know more about this phone so I was searching about this phone.

  4. My last search term was an online news station. I really like the online news sites. I like to know what is happening in the world

    CNN has a really nice site and some international newspapers too...

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    The last I googled is paypal fee calculator.
    Because I still don't know how to compute paypal fees. And I'm thankful that there is a calculator for that.

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    LAst thing which i googled was about the Mangekyo Sharingan . And yes i still watch animes

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    The last thing i googled was how i can set up my own website.And now i have my own site.

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    Hey nice thread! The last thing I googled was google adsense. I've been looking to use it for my websites. BTW, do you guys know any better programs that pay better than Adsense?
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    Today the last thing I googled was some web designing tools on the internet as I am going to learn more web designing techniques.

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    I've recently got photoshop cs3 after using gimp for about half a year, last thing i typed in google was:

    how to create a rounded rectangle in ps

    haha, i only got earleir today and everythings so confusing after using gimp for so long, practise makes perfect though

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