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Thread: What is a NoFollow Link?

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    A link which does not follow the backlink of the page from where the link is coming. To say simply, it does not give any link juice(calculated by the back links of the linking page).

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    I lied here and it was removed
    Even No follow links are also helping you to get more traffic towards your site. Nofollow links are look like natural link building .But you can’t any PR with Nofollow links.

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    I use nofollow links all the time!

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    No follow link does not crawled by Google search engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chikanbarn View Post
    No follow link does not crawled by Google search engine.
    This is incorrect. A nofollow link is crawled by search engines, but the link does not pass any values such as Pagerank nor does it inherit penalties if it links to a bad site.
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    As per my view, no-follow links are that which can crawl in the search engine but we can't get weightage of this. We can't get back-links from no-follow links. So as a SEO point of view it is useless.

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    Another thread where more and more posts are just flummoxed copies of previous posts.

    If ever you want to know about no-follow?
    GOOGLE IT!!!!

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    No follow links show up in webmaster tools. This should make you think.

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