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Thread: What is a NoFollow Link?

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    what does that mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tunescool View Post
    what does that mean?
    No follow links aren't crawled by the search engines. Usually, no follow links have a nofollow tag in the link or header and sometimes a redirect is used.

    For example, a bookmark on a dofollow social bookmark site would have more value than a nofollow or redirected link.

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    No follow links tell search engines you can visit this site or not, up to you.
    NO follow links just tell google, please do not pass on the juice of page rank.
    No follow links still will be noted as a back link!

    But then, the do follow, sell links on my site that has page rank crowd will say that I have got it wrong.
    PFFT>>>they need to seriously look at what a do follow link is and does, and what a no follow link is and does.

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    They are intended to notify Google of a blog comment link or a paid link so it should not pass any link juice to the destination site. But, for sure, the search engine spider will traverse the link and spider any pages it finds unless the robots meta tags/robots.txt file instructs them not to do so and they are a good bot.

    If you are posting affiliate links on your site, it is a good idea to add rel="nofollow" to these links since they are an indirect paid link on your site.

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    You all keep this in mind:
    Get a do follow link on a blog that only has 10 visitors per day.

    Turn down a no follow link on a blog that gets 1,000 visitors per day.

    I have never understood webmasters who are so into page rank and do follow links that they never look at traffic.
    And that is what you want, traffic!

    I have seen lots and lots and lots of blogs/sites with no page rank at all, getting thousands and thousands of visitors per day.
    But webmasters would not buy advertising because of no page rank?

    Or blogs/sites with again thousands and thousands of visitors per day.
    But webmasters would not place their link there because it is no-follow!

    Just odd.

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    It depends on the campaign being done. Since no follow has no bearing when it comes to ranking in the SERP, some SEO persons would not like to put their links in a nofollow site.

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    And I would avoid those so called SEO persons from ever doing SEO for me!

    Any SEO person that would tell you or lead you to believe that no follow links are no good, not good for SERP, is not a SEO person!

    Remember, part of SEO is what?
    To get freaking traffic!
    Any SEO person who thinks otherwise is not a SEO to use.


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    iowadawg makes a good point! For example, commenting on a popular blog can get you visitor traffic simply from other readers checking you out after you posted an interesting comment to a blog post.

    You can see some people working really hard to be top commentators on some blogs to get traffic even though the links are no-follow.

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    The no-follow links are not crawled by the search engine robot
    I'm not so sure that the no-follow links are not crawled. Surely it would be madness for search engines to not crawl the links to discover the content that their competitors chose to not care about?

  10. rel=”nofollow”
    This little code tells Google and all the other search engines not to crawl pass page rank through this link, which means that you’re not getting credit for the back link and no link juice back to your site.

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