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Thread: What qualities a SEO should have?

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    The most important thing is to keep update your self with latest trends and tactics. And It's also important how do you apply strategy to get better result.

  2. In my thoughts: A seo should:

    1. Hard worker
    2. Have strong catching power of seo techniques
    3. Have Good knowledge about Google search engines
    4. Have Html Language
    5. Have Link building knowledge.

    Give your comments about SEO

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    Hard work
    Knowledge on update SEO technique
    Can analyze results according to the strategy
    Can build high quality links

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    SEO specialists should be able to promotes and optimize the website in search engines on the basis of targeted keywords. They should have the required skills to promote a website and implements the basic background for promoting websites. If they know the designing capabilities then they should be capable to design search engine friendly layout of websites. They should be able to perform all on page optimization tasks like using alt tags with images, defining the suitable keywords in these alt tags along with off page optimization tasks.
    Navigation structure
    The SEO Specialists must be able to design a proper navigation structure for the website on the basis of keywords and products priority. They need to take decisions which are the primary keywords and which are secondary keywords.
    Define Meta tags
    Search engine specialists must be well versed to create Meta tags for the website. Define the unique title tag and descriptions and do not ignore the other important tags.
    Generate traffic
    SEO Specialists are expected to be helpful in generating traffic for the website Increase in traffic results in more business thus resulting in more sales and profits. Generate local visitors and specific visitors. This would help in generation of more leads.
    Off page optimization tasks
    They must be well versed with all techniques like directory submissions, forums postings, link building techniques and rules for link exchange.
    Customer support
    As SEO experts they should provide online customer support to the client on special SEO matters as and when required. The things which seem complicated to the client may be easy for him. But he must have the capability to express those in simple terms to the client.
    SEO Specialists must have the ability to promote website in a given time period. If time period seems short, then they must use short cut techniques to perform SEO activities, but that should not on the basis of quality of work.
    Place ahead of competition
    They are expected to place your website ahead of your competitors. They should study the competitor websites and keywords and implement strategies on the basis of these.
    Use White Hat Techniques
    Should use White Hat Techniques and Organic SEO methods. If they are not on this track then they had to face inadequate consequences. The site may get penalized or Google may ban such sites in the future if they do not follow the natural or organic methods to promote websites.
    Make SEO reports
    Must be able to generate and handle reports for sending it to clients. It can include monthly reports for clients, keywords reports, links accrued reports, visitors report. Client must be aware about his site status form time to time.

  5. a good seo should have at least have a long list of sites that made it to the top
    he should be a good writer and knows and implements only white hat techniques.

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    strong analytical abilities and indefatigable determination.
    I agree with this one. SEO is not simple as it seems. There are many things you need to check and think about, which is why you have a strong analytical skills. As for having an endless patience and determination, it is required because results will not be in a week or two, but i takes lots of time and effort before you can see the actual result. Even though this is the case, I am sure that all effort will be very worth it!

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    patient (because it takes time), persevere (because it needs focus), dedicated (so that you won't get bored) and OPEN (for you to learn new things in the industry.)
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    SEO worker should be able to focus and has to be patient because it takes time to see the results of his work.
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    A seo must do his work in White Hat Procedure.

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