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Thread: What qualities a SEO should have?

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    What qualities a SEO should have?

    In my thoughts: A seo should:

    1. Hard worker
    2. Have strong catching power of seo techniques
    3. Have Good knowledge about Google search engines
    4. Have Html Language
    5. Have Link building knowledge.

    Give your comments about SEO

  2. They should have a good understanding of how businesses on the internet operate, and have some friends in high places if possible. You figure one link on a pagerank 7 page is worth than several thousand lower pagerank pages, and being able to position clients on the right sites is what separates a low paying link builder type position and a professional SEO firm.
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    The website should have compelling quality content, then you need to spend enough time in coming up with a SEO strategy which focuses on linking with best of breed in the same domain.

  4. For me SEO means:

    1. Quality content
    2. Well optimized web pages with meta description, meta headers, meta keywords, good title
    3. High quality relevant backlinks (use different techniques for this)

    These steps always help me
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    Agood seo should have
    deep knowledge about his work
    have patience
    hard working
    having good network

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    Good question, I think A seo guy should have confidence to do work in every situation. He should have hard worker and off course you told....

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    I think discipline matters a lot, cuz sometimes I just can't make myself do anything, and I often get distracted, so basically I actually work hour, m.b. two out of eight.

  8. A Seo should have punctual of time.

  9. It seems to be that the most important qualities of an SEO are strong analytical abilities and indefatigable determination.

    Analysis does no good unless you execute on it and determination is useless if you're not applying it properly.
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    This time I completely agree with Will.

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