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Thread: What is the single best strategy for Search Engine Optimization?

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    What is the single best strategy for Search Engine Optimization?

    I"m talking about trying to rank for really general terms that are highly competitive... are link directories worth it?

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    For really general terms, I'm going to say it's probably your linking strategy.

    I'll give you a golden secret here, but this'll help you considerably if you take the time & effort to implement it.

    Find out who your top competitors are and analyze them. Their on-page optimization efforts, and their linking strategies.

    Go to:

    And type in the URL of the pages of the top 5 or top 10 and look into your competition's inbound links - where they're located on the page, the topical relevance of the site that is linking to your competition and the anchor text used to link to your competition. You can determine if they're paid links (or somehow incentivized, not just cash money) or if they're natural.

    Now, to break this down and understand their linking strategies, you'll have to have a good understanding of link building & SEO yourself, but it's a good way to help you determine a linking strategy that will likely help you achieve your goals if you'll follow through with it.

    This doesn't work in all cases, and it's not a perfect plan - but it gives you some very valuable information on your competition & what they're doing regarding their link building strategies.

    If you need any help, I do offer competition research services - it's not really cheap, but what I do is listed here (albeit in a condensed format).

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    There would never be any single best strategy for search engine optimization. All the SEO tools can be seen as the weapons in a war field. You wouldn't have one single weapon to win the war and if you discover something like nuclear bomb, then it leads to the destruction but not the win.

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    The best strategy is to analyze the compitetors. You have to tweak your seo to beat them and rank high. Using All Caps letters on title meta helps a lot to attract visitors eye.

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