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Thread: what are the source of link building

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    what are the source of link building

    to list a few

    forums where one can ask for link exchange from members specially with similar niche websites

    scripts to make links
    avoid google sandbox while building links

    a good pace to build links , not too fast

    and get links to good pr sites ,specially .gov or .edu sites are good.

    any more ideas

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    And some of the link building ways are do follow blog commenting on high pr,participating in forums with signatures,etc...

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    i can think of using yahoo answers and similar services, and youtube..
    another way for link building could be to have inlinks within your website. though not as a preferred option, it is an option nevertheless.

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    if you have lots of domains ,you can try creating links within them, also if the site is indexed, then links within the site is good, links not nessasarily to homepage , other inside pages can have links and specially .gov sites are good

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    The best way I've found to build links are to create interesting and inviting HubPages and EzineArticles and then link back to your site once with your anchor text at the bottom. I've been slightly more successful with HubPages than EzineArticles, but you have to be ranked high in HubPages for your link to be do-follow.

    I actually sell a service in another forum where I create a HubPage and link out to the buyer's site. I have a high rank on HubPages which makes it worth it for the buyer.

  6. Signature links on forums are good sources of backlinks. But these links can be considered spam by other forums and others don't allow signature links to other forums.

    Blog Posts to related niche is also a good choice. But some posts needs to be moderated so choose which blogs will you post.

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    Link baiting works great. I also find that commenting on Dofollow blogs is a fantastic way to build them

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    there are many ways blog commenting , buy forum links of active members , yahoo answer , youtube watermark and more.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jake View Post
    Link baiting works great. I also find that commenting on Dofollow blogs is a fantastic way to build them
    First time I read about Link Baiting.
    Can you explain me how is this done?

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