Spin Success is a service that submits websites to search engines. Their site affirms that upon enrolment into Spin Success, a publisher’s website is sent to 100,000 search engines for submission within the average time of one week. They report continuous submissions to other search engines as long as the subscription is active.

What Does Spin Success Promise?

Spin Success’ website sales pitch is persuasive. Submission of a website to thousands of search engines gives the impression that signing up with their service will attract much traffic to a marketer’s site. It saves an owner time and effort, as these search engines will do the legwork, and locate and browse through the client’s website.

The draw is that obtaining a generous rise in traffic comes at minimal exertion and relatively low cost.

This may seem too good to be true. Many search engines derive their results from Google, so achieving rankings on Google means getting rankings with multitudes of other search engines as well. The question is this: how much more will Spin Success be able to promote the client’s site?

The page with the sales copy also contains numerous customers’ audio testimonials, relating tales of how the service boosted their traffic (and in result, their profit). The testimonial information, comprising full names, photographs, and voice recordings greatly enhance Spin Success’ credibility.

Enrolment in the website submission service costs $ 29.95 monthly. At this price, the enticement of increasing traffic and sales for your website appears well worth the money. Even if the service does not deliver as high as the testimonials say, the results will (probably) still be very significant.

The Spin Success Experience

After receipt of payment, Spin Success will send an e-mail stating the client website’s ‘hand submission’ to more than a dozen of the biggest search engines. It also says that the process of ‘autosubmission’ to the remaining 99,985 search engines had commenced.

The client will not receive any notification, such as statistics or rates – up until an e-mail from the service informs the client of a charge for ‘monthly renewal.’

Traffic to the marketer’s website either remains decreases or remains virtually unchanged. There have been no validated reports of increased traffic from enrollees of the service. One does not expect these results from a respectable website submitter.

The Spin Success website’s ‘members’ section comprises a forum for discussion. The discussion mainly focuses on how members have not achieved the desired results from signing up with the service. The moderators reply by urging the members to stay (for several months) as they will see traffic increase after that period.

With this kind of service, the best recourse for a member would be cancelling the subscription. This is nigh impossible.

Spin Success: Cons and Cons

What benefits do website owners gain after applying the Spin Success service? There seems to be none.

Based on the experience of many who have tried out the service, the Spin Success system is a fraudulent one. Here are some points that prove why:

  • There is no perceivable way of tracking the activity to an enrolled client website – which search engines it is submitted to, and how often these search engines ‘crawl’ the website.
  • There is no customer service.
  • The service claims that profits will come after a certain amount of time, and in copious amounts. The profits do come in a steady flow, but only to Spin Success, as they deduct the fee from clients’ bank accounts per month.

Spin Success’ Signing Bonuses

Two main bonuses come with enrolment in the Spin Success program. The first one is in the form of a $ 100 PPC ad credit with two associated search engines: QuestClick and LookSnap. What clients are not aware of is that the only visitors who frequent these search engines are fellow Spin Success clients. These members go to QuestClick, for example, and do so just to check if their advertisements are active.

This is very similar to the practice of link exchange, where viewing another member’s advertisement for a given period of time results in another member viewing one’s ad. The ad credit does go to the client, with no apparent benefit of actually using it.

The second bonus is a ‘Thank You’ gift. The ‘gift’ is a free one-week vacation for two at any of a thousand destinations. Common knowledge dictates that these vacations are not free of charge – with blackout dates, reservation fees, and miscellaneous taxes, but the vouchers are attractive, as they would lower the cost for said vacations.

A ‘discounted’ vacation would still seem like a decent deal – if the client gets to receive it. Since Spin Success’ customer service is nonexistent, calls or emails to the service about the ‘delayed’ voucher are ignored outright. One would potentially do better finding another website submitter to finance one’s approaching holiday.

The Spin Success Affiliate Program

Under scrutiny, the affiliate program appears to be the core of the Spin Success program. A member stands to profit more by selling the system to other marketers than by utilizing the program, per se, much like a multi-level marketing scheme.

A member who uses Spin Success in this vein will allegedly recoup a 25 percent commission from all sales and recurrent payments. In this case, the service’s affiliate platform is ill advised, yet seemingly profitable.

Spin Success: Conclusion

The program has no apparent use, as many of the smaller search engines extract their results from Google. Spin Success may promise to endorse a marketer’s website to innumerable search engines, yet virtually all of these engines cater to non-English speakers.

Spin Success is not a commendable website submission service. The only logical reason for enrolling in this system would be for access to the affiliate program - to make money from ignorant marketers.