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Thread: What are your ways of promotion?

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    I'm often on two major administration forums, and also I make sigs for people. The people who get them are essentially advertising for me.

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    Signature Advertising mainly.

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    well what im currently doing is adding my banner to my sigs and use all/most of the promotions forums services and once they are done just keep posting around and hopefully ppl with be interested in my banner and click and hopefully join

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    the best promotion is the content content is king for promotion of ur site

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    banner and signature advertising works best.

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    My ways of promoting a forum?

    Well, browse for the biggest non-spam sites that you are gonna guarantee to get useful members out of, affiliate with them.

    Do back links, signature advertising, making exchange threads.

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    I try to find other forum owners and sort of partner up. Quick exchanges etc. Also forum signatures.

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    I like using signature advertising as it's a good way for your link to get seen especially if the user has thousands of posts.

    I also use forumpromotion. I've not seen great success from there but i'm sure it's working. I've not been checking my stats directly for referals from forumpromotion.

    I have promotional videos up on youtube which do help get a number of views and members.

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    Signatures and blogging communities.

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    Considering my forum's Rock Band-related, I really have to also get my name known in the community and aim to be a tier-1 Rock Band forum.

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