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Thread: What's the roadblock?

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    What's the roadblock?

    I've sold my products to thousands of people, have had many success stories coming my way.

    But, the success stories were a very low percentage of the total sales volume, say 3-5%. I did a survey, asked them What they'd like to improve -- got back about 300 replies and guess what? 99% of the total amount had NOT taken ANY action.

    They read, thought it was nice, moved on to read another one.

    Seriously, There is no secret to success. Two words define it - ACTION AND FOCUS.

    Whats' YOUR roadblock? What do you think stops you from making it BIG, not online but anywhere... ?:135:
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  2. I do start bu after some time, I just loose interest and get bored. I am working on it.
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    You're half way down there.

    You take action, lose focus. Results motivate action. Loss of focus implies you're not getting results as you want them (that's an assumption). If you're not getting results, it means there lies a problem in the layout of your planning. Correct it, and you won't lose any focus.
    Build businesses, not quick money makers.

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    Focus, focus, focus. Swastik, when we started doing niche blogs I learned from you how to do it right. It took me a week or so to build the first one, but I was totally FOCUSED on it. Then I built another one in just 2 days. Then I converted a current site I had in another 2 days. Sold them all.

    Then started working on a product flip (Twitter - still a back burner project) and since it wasn't coming together, I lost focus. Without that main goal of what I want (or need) to accomplish, I tend to wander and get bored.

    I recently picked up a blog on DP for just $30. I'm trying to rework it and add some value, then eventually I'll sell it off. But even working on that is kind of a more "lazy" focus. I know I need to add value, and I even know how (mostly), but it's still slow going. I need to have a main project that I know I need to do these "X" steps to complete and then I will get "Y" result. If I'm in THAT zone, I'm productive and PROFITABLE.

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    I would say focus, action, and spending. I often lose sight of what I'm trying to do, and to be honest, I'm not so good at learning how to invest back into the business and how to save cash. Luckily, I'm getting better at that.

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