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Thread: White Hat SEO

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    White Hat SEO

    Quote Originally Posted by Marziah Karch,
    Whitehatting refers to SEO practices generally regarded as ethical. White hat SEO can also refer to a consultant or specialist who uses ethical practices to aid Web site owners in the design and maintenance of their Web pages.
    For those who remember, I made a thread not long ago about Black Hat SEO methods.

    WhiteHat (yeah it's like the eternal fight between the Good and the Evil) search engine optimization tends to give LONG-LASTING results, but, it is way more complex, time consuming and meticulous than Blackhatting.
    In order to set up a page properly to the eyes of the Search Engines, and to get ranked well for long periods of time (of course, everyone aims for the #1 spot), you'll have to invest many months, if not years, to reach your ultimate goal. Of course you'll still be able to reach higher ranks in SERPs before the following year.
    I'll try to make this thread as similar as possible to the other one I made before. It may not be as descriptive as you want it to be, but don't worry, I'm in the process of making a complete guide to SEO for WebmasterPeers and of course, i'll keep it only aimed toward WhiteHat methods.

    Keep in mind that Whitehatting is mostly based on organic link-building strategies!

    The pros:
    • Long-lasting results,
    • 'Laser 'Targeted traffic.

    The cons:
    • Hard,
    • Time-consuming.

    Here are some references which will help you alot to understand SEO (mostly Whitehat, of course):

    I also recommend you to have alook at my thread in the Freebies section concerning Brad Callen's free lessons.

    Are you a fan of Whitehatting?

    *NOTE: I'll update this post soon enough to make it as accurate as possible, until then, enjoy the links.

  2. Whitehat SEO is FTW!
    It is THE thing to do.

    I would any day prefer a long-term benefit rather than a short-term thing that will get you banned from search engine's.

    And I really disagree calling it complex.

    I'll be back when it is updated
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    Thanks for sharing these useful tips, it is really interesting information!

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    Actually it's not too complex. White hat seo is just need consistency and time
    And that's why time-consuming is a weakness about this way of SEO.
    But still, it's better than doing black hat. If you ever feel of being blacklisted by google, i's sure that you will never try blackhat again.

    BMW company ever blacklisted by google because using hidden text (black hat technique). To make their site opened again, their do formal apologize to google. How if google not forgive you? will be a big problem. So, please using only white hat.

    Some easy white hat for me is :
    - keyword density
    - meta tag

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