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Thread: Who are SE Bots and spider.??

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    Who are SE Bots and spider.??


    i have heard a lot about Search engines bots and spider who are they and what they do actually do ??

    are they good for our sites or bad and how can we come to know that there is a bot in your site ??

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    Search engine bots are the mechanisms used to spider your website pages. Spider is a term that means "to crawl." Basically, bots spider your site and those pages are later indexed in the corresponding search engines. Now, each search engine has their own bots, but there are also bad bots. These are the ones created by people to hack your site, spy on your site, or do other damaging things.

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    these tearms are basically the crawlers which checks your site for the changes .
    It crawls your site for obtaining the statistics .
    Like the pages downloaded ,
    byte transaction ,

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