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Thread: why build a site like this

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    why build a site like this

    found something strange - the site
    www . crock shard . com (remove all the spaces)
    links to one of my sites (also to google, lots of reference sites)
    why should I care?
    look at the source code - the whole site is built as an image with the links as hotspots in an image map
    also they include the sentence (also as an image) 'links are available on the above keywords' - I guess that means they are going to sell links and the existing sites are just placeholders until they do? is the whole site just a front for selling links?

    I can't figure out why they have built the site like that, or whether I should care - I only have a problem if someone is openly selling links, and then including my site in the list

    any thoughts?

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    Beautiful design, regged until 2015, designed by Stonefern Designs

    I don't think they're selling any links at all, they sell accommodation and events related services, so that's basically some institutional site and you're lucky to get a free link.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by DickTracy View Post
    I can't figure out why they have built the site like that, or whether I should care
    It looks like they are just artsy people who have transitioned to the web.

    Artsy people don't think in terms of SEO, page load times, bandwidth optimization, or even usability. They just think in terms of "pretty" -- and that site is pretty.
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    Ha ha ha totally agree... the site is wonderful, something I will never consider before...

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    I found it cool and pretty!. Great thing that they have the guts to build the site like that.

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    Sometimes, they just build it just for a "sentimental value". But it still beauty site though.
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    500,000+ bytes per page with absolutely zero content. I have not seen image maps used for years.

    These guys undoubtedly have never heard about search engines.

    This site give new meaning to "putting lipstick on a pig"!

  8. Arghh whenever I see a page without a title, it just hurts, literally.. such a waste of google's index

    edit: wow, that's my 444th post!

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    Very nice site. But indeed not worth the while to create.
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    Well I don't know about that he he he. It really depends on the purpose of the website it self.

    Quote Originally Posted by Profithost View Post
    Very nice site. But indeed not worth the while to create.

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