Why are Meta Tags used?

Meta Tags were originally designed to provide webmasters with a
way to help search engines know what their site was about. This
in turn helped the search engines decide how to rank the sites
in their search results. Making Meta Tags is a simple process.
As the competition increased, webmasters started manipulating
this tool through spamming of keywords. In turn most search
engines withdrew their support to Meta keywords Tag, which
included Lycos and AltaVista. From being considered as one of
the most reliable and important tool, Meta Tags are now often
abused. In the present day scenario a vital feature that the
Meta Tags provide to the websites is the ability to control, to
a certain extent, how some search engines describe its web
pages. Apart from this, Meta Tags also offer the ability to
specify that a certain website page should not be indexed.

Using Meta Tags, however, provides no guarantee that your
website page would rank highly in the search engine rankings.
Due to the rampant abuse and manipulation of the Meta keywords
Tag by webmasters, most search engines don't support it anymore.

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