I think this is a pretty good and insightful article: Why Most SEO Advice Sucks (For You).

He appears to be one of those people who emphasize the importance of being authentic and being you as opposed to faking it and just drudging for links and attention. He says most SEO advice should be looked at through a different lens depending on who the author of said advice is, because they all have their biases and opinions. You should evaluate everything for yourself independently instead of blindly following.

He said a lot of good things, but I especially like this part:

If you try to care about something you don’t care about, you will have a hell of a time faking it. To fake it well, you’ll have to spend even more time dedicated to that faking, for an opportunity that could blow up in your face if they simply don’t want to link to you. As Gary states, our bullshit radars are insane. If I randomly see some article tweeted out that doesn’t match the standard for that person, I read bullshit. If you retweet an infographic and you’ve never tweeted an infographic, ever (see: me), it’s pretty obvious you got asked to do it.