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Thread: why yahoo index without description ?

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    why yahoo index without description ?

    why yahoo index without description ?

    why yahoo index my site but description or title is not showing ? but it have no issue with google ....
    is that any problem ?
    result i get from yahoo :
    - Translate - Cached

    u can try to yahoo search my site :
    w i l d i s m . c o m

    anyone can help ?

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    Yahoo uses a variety of sources for information about your webpages.This allows us to dynamically construct meaningful abstracts,descriptions and titles that will assist users in understanding your has indexed your site.They are just not ranking it very high.If you search on Google you will see that they show just the url, and not the title and description.This means that Google knows the page exists but hasn't been able to crawl and index it.

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    sorry forget to update ...
    some redirect script on the site make yahoo bot confuse but no issue with google bot
    solve it already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anil View Post
    All search engine have their own algorithm.Yahoo also have own algorithm so that it does not index the description.
    cool, base on your signature .... i expect more answer not spam ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1985davidwhite View Post
    Yahoo read your title and keyword so it can index without description.

    I think you should read the Title, keyword and CONTENT before making this post

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    It shows up in my search with Kanji characters which your browser may not be able to display. Character encoding is: UTF-8

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