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Thread: Will you miss Yahoo (search results)?

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    i hardly use yahoo but still prefer yahoo then bing and this merge doesn't bring us any benefit, if bing can't compete with google in the future, means we have no choice, everything will be google way, no more seo, adword is the solution .....

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    I find for every 40,000 visitors Google sends, Yahoo sends about 2,000. While in the same time period Bing send 4,500. If you asked me, I definitely value the traffic from those two sites.
    My numbers:
    google - 64.87%
    bing - 2.01%
    yahoo - 1.19%

    They could both go out of business without creating much of a wave.
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    , Google is by far more accurate, better, Bing is worst and is used in general by fans and anti-Google users or victims of the first two categories , my personal opinion. I won't regret Yahoo.

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