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Thread: Wordpress Banning Links from Comments

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    Question Wordpress Banning Links from Comments


    I had created a site sometime in December. Throughout the first two weeks of January, nearly 250 - 300 comments were posted on various blogs with a link to my site.

    During the third week, about 100 comments were posted in the same manner. All was done manually.

    In early February, I tried commenting with the link in the URL spot, and the comment did not appear on the blog. Usually it says "Comment pending approval".

    So, I sort of tested this.

    I had a blog on wordpress. I commented with my link in the URL spot, and it did not show up in the admin panel for approval. When I changed the URL by adding an extra character, it went through and was available for approval/denial.

    Has Wordpress banned that particular domain from appearing in the comments?

    EDIT: Akismet is the plug-in that is doing all this.

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    It could be getting picked up by askimet. Did you check the spam folder on your blog for it? (or have it enabled?).

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    You are right. Silly me, I couldn't figure it out.

    Akismet did pick it up.

    Akismet has protected your site from 1 spam comment already, and there's 1 comment in your spam queue right now.
    I guess I can not really do anymore blog commenting on blogs with this plugin, since Akismet picked up on it. Unless the blog owner allows it through Akismet, which is highly unlikely.

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    Probably depends on the niche...If its on one of the "star" sites, they may be making those "spam" now with the reports from few months back on the various star-related names that are on malware sites (I can't remember which one was associated with the most malicious sites, but it was a bunch).

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