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Thread: Wordpress Update Services - AutoPing

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    Wordpress Update Services - AutoPing

    Many people complain about their wordpress posts being indexed slowly, bla, bla...

    Well, here's a little trick that should help you out.

    Login to wordpress (wp-admin area)
    Go to Settings > Writing and scroll down to the bottom.

    Paste the following URL's into the update services area:

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    Thanks for the tip and list!

    Will be useful!

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    You should also be able to use the same list on other blog/cms that have a ping plugin, for example Joomla. On one of my blogs I used to ping several sites after every post and after a week I got a polite email from my host asking me to stop. Not sure why, something to do with CPU usage. I changed host and haven't had the problem again but it is something consider.

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    Thank you for the list its helpful. I think in the mean time its good to use a wordpress ping optimiser plugin for wordpress because we know wordpress pings whenever we post a new post, also wordpress pings whenever we edit a post, so if we edit our blog a lot then it'll cause for excessive pinging for ping services.

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