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Thread: Is Xrumer Worth The Price Tag?

  1. Is Xrumer Worth The Price Tag?

    I was able to purchase XRumer at $540 value and I’ve never been happier!

    At first, I was hesitant to use it because it might not really work as it promised. But it did. I have been posting on forums about my site and I have quite a major difficulty then since I’d have to log in all the time. But with my XRumer program, I could send out my forum post to all the sites I wanted it to be posted in a single click. It’s that easy – like sending an email blast to all my colleagues at work. After using XRumer, my site rose in the ranks. From 85 to 1. How great is that? Anyway, I could never do without XRumer. And if you are as serious as me in terms of getting your site noticed, I suggest that you get XRumer. Not only will you get noticed, you could also generate considerable income with it in even less than a week if you know how to properly use it. Believe me, your $540 will be repaid in less than a month’s time. Now, what is XRumer by the way for those who are newbies on SEO and internet marketing.

    XRumer is a software program for Windows that creates auto-posts on different forum sites to boost the search engine ranks of those specific sites. This program is a form of SEO (search engine optimization) tool to bypass CAPTCHAs and email activations prior to posting. XRumer is one of the best tools one could get if the webmaster has some knowledge on the Russian language but it is now available in English and is sold over on the net for less than a thousand bucks. With the minimal investment, webmasters can actually generate hundreds to thousands of dollars from the autoposts created by the program. Forum administrators will also have difficulty trying to block the posts since XRumer makes use of open proxies.

    XRumer functions like an innocent forum post that would typically ask certain questions as to where to find a certain product. By doing so, forum visitors who are eager to lend a hand by searching for the product on search engines and posting back would inevitably boost the product’s Google stats. In order to avoid detection by administrators, XRumer tends to post slowly at first.

    Because XRumer comes with a price-tag that most people can’t really afford by themselves, I suggest that you form groups and get the application for your group. Then rent or purchase your own server so you could work faster. Finally, if you’re group is into internet marketing, you could really make lots of income with XRumer since it can generate extreme traffic to your websites to get you lots of leads/sales in just a span of time. Anyways, XRumer is really the best but you have to do your research first. Get to know about it, and read lots of reviews on different forums about it too. The more informed you are about the product and what it does to your websites, the better will you be able to use it when you get to purchase one.

    Is there anyone else using it here?

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    This sounds like a sale pitch for Xrumer
    Submit Your Proxies @

  3. I know. Try to do a better one instead of just criticizing.

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    I associate XRumer with SPAM. 99.999% of Admins do.

    If that's the way you want to represent yourself and conduct business, fine, but I would advise against it. If you have a thread to post, that is legitimate and not spam, then do it manually. If you're going to use XRumer to spam, then you're in for a surprise when you realize how counter-productive it will be.

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