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    Does anyone here do any SEO for Yahoo?

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    Yahoo never brought me any Traffic, I dont see any use therein too.

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    I have a client site that is #1 on Yahoo.....but I did not specifically target the SEO is broad.....

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    Seo for google is seo for yahoo in my opinion. The difference is that you aren't going to get anywhere in yahoo for big terms without exact match domains, lots of indexed age, and massive amounts of incoming anchor text links.

    Unless you have an exact match domain, you're going to have to work your ass off for over a year to get any visibility on yahoo for a competitive term that is less than 3 words.

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    I don't care much for yahoo, only try a bit for google.

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    I think SEO in general works for all search engines. I target Google specifically but I don't mind doing some stuff for Yahoo and others.

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    I only focus on google search optimization but recently i found something funny, my keyword rank better at yahoo search compare to google search

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    There's practically no use doing SEO for yahoo. Google FTW!!!

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    Although you can't see traffic getting from Yahoo, on Google analytics, it is coming. I'm actually getting much more traffic from Yahoo and my site is ranked much better. I've read somewhere that Yahoo is more for non-tech people, which is my audience, I'm making and selling games. Google is just not wanting to rank my site, I think their editors are thinking my site's spam! But I work hard making games, its a hard work and very time consuming.

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