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Thread: Yahoo depends upon google 95%

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    Yahoo depends upon google 95%

    Have you ever thought that yahoo depends almost 95% upon Google ?
    Its true, because google is at the top most today and many search engines totally depend upon it including yahoo. If you are in confusion then you can be sure looking at your site analytic. How many visitors cam through yahoo search and how many from google ? You will find that 80+ % visitors come from Google but your yahoo ranking is almost similar as Google.
    Leave your comments, share your knowledge.

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    Wow, I never thought of it this way. Interesting and probably true. Thanks for sharing!

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    I knew about other sites but didnt know yahoo also depends on google.Quite surprising.

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    Yahoo is in existence much before Google and I think it has its own system for doing everything. I don't think that Google would allow such a big competitor to use its services!

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    Yes, true maybe...though it is interesting to think.

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    its great to think.. but i am not sure.

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    yahoo works better if you're not searching for warez

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