Alright since I haven't seen any one most any tips yet as to optimizing for the new Yahoo. (I hope yall are studying it) I decided I would sneak in a some observations.

I found that Yahoo places more emphasis on keywords in the domain or keyword in the page name, than Inktomi. I counted the sites in the top 20 that contained hypened domains or urls with keywords in the listings. Here are the results
online credit report
Yahoo - 11 Inktomi - 7
life insurance quote
Yahoo - 9 Inktomi - 8

Now while a lot of people already do this for Google, its now apparent that Yahoo is not as adept as Inktomi, and more or less more not as thorough in wading out spam. For example the life insurance quote search made me sick how accurate this was. But kudos to those tops sites. So PUT KEYWORDS IN YOUR DOMAIN FOR YAHOO.