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Thread: Yippiee, our alexa ranking is now below 100,000 :)

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    Yippiee, our alexa ranking is now below 100,000 :)

    I have been doing SEO work and other promotions on my forum Webmaster Forum very much and it looks like finally the hard working paying off

    Our alexa ranking has reached below 100,000, it is now 98,272 - Traffic Details from Alexa

    Just more hard working and soon we will have more higher ranking

    Any tips for me?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jani View Post
    Any tips for me?
    Posting in other webmaster forums is certainly a good step.

    Here are a few other tactics which I have seen recommended:
    • Signature links on competing forums
    • Paid blog posts on relevant blogs
    • Blog commenting on relevant blogs
    • Sponsorship of relevant web sites
    • Link exchanges with other sites in your niche
    • Link baiting with provocative threads and posts
    • Asking for reviews
    • SEO (link building to get more search engine traffic)
    • PPC (direct visitors from ad networks like AdWords)
    • Facebook advertising (targeted advertising in your niche)
    • Contests (link baiting + community building)
    • Interviews (link baiting + community building)
    • StumbleUpon
    • Digg
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    Dont look at Alexa rank. Alexa is liar. You will be happier without it. Look at traffic numbers

    However it is enough to get other webmasters to visit your site and your alexa will rise, since many of them use their toolbar.

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    I use contests and forum posting mostly for my sites. But I'll be having a look at Will's other points above.
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  5. Congrats, that's a great first step, getting past the 100,000 mark.

    I once tested something with Alexa, though...I put the Alexa toolbar redirect URL to my site (the one that tracks the traffic) in a signature link on a popular was a link to my site but it went through Alexa's counters. All the bot traffic and other human traffic was counted, which then brought my Alexa number way down past 100,000.

    I don't recommend this, but keep in mind that Alexa rankings are easily manipulated. All you have to do is send a bunch of traffic to a certain URL.
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