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Thread: You created a website. What do you do then?

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    You created a website. What do you do then?

    I have browsed through other forums (like DP) and found that there are many people asking this question, but nobody has given a full, understandable answer.

    Let's say that you've created a new website, done all the on-page optimizing and you know that it's ready to go. What do you do then? What are the first things that you do to introduce it to the world wide web? What is your strategy?

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    Might have a look in this category

    Promoting - Net Builders

    There have been some good thread related to this

    My Site Promotion Plan
    Proven White Hat SEO Methods to Boost Page Rank and Site Traffic

    There are more I just didnt search a lot.

    Reverse IP Check ಠ_ಠ Proxy Sites
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    First and foremost thing is to get it indexed in Search engines. Then start of with SEO techniques and if you have budget then go for PPC campaign.

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    First Try to index pages as early as possible, add sitemap etc.
    then increase your content rapidly. use SEO services, use social bookmarkings, use facebook/twitter etc to start finding traffic.
    after doing that customize your design according to your need. in the mean time don't forget to add content at steady pace.
    continue doing that and you will be the winner.

    Simple formula nothing to do anything extra,.

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