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Thread: Are you earning with affiliate markeing?

  1. I've not had success with affiliate's but then again I don't really promote them as a main method, I just have it as a potential side income relative to my main online income.

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    Personally i found starting with affiliate marketing quite difficult, however it appears to be one of those that if you continue and master it then you can make good money. im actually just about to start a new affiliate product site to test the water with some of the new techniques I've been learning.

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    it gives you a lot of money but you have to work hard to get it and should spend some time to get it.. try again and again

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    targetted traffic is the main thing that brings sales and success so you should focus on that.

  5. i am getting lots of ad clicks, but little back from them, like 5c to 9c a click, even google ads are the same, last year i was getting about 50c to $1.50 a click, this year nothing.

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    i tried affiliate marketing but i din't get success, i tried in amazon & ebay also but my sales are 0,
    then i stopped & i am doing adsense & cj leads, i am happy with that.

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    I agree with falguni1. Focusing on finding the targeted traffic. Actually, I'm also new with affiliate marketing but have made several sales per month.

    One of my strategy is made review on each products you would like to promote. Then, work on drive targeted traffic to your review page. Maybe you could spend 1-2 hour per day just to promoting your review page.

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    i make GREAT money through affilate sales, you guys need to learn SEO (search engine optimization) and know where your target audience is and most importantly have a domain name!!

    i cannot stress those 3 things enough, i am willing to dedicate a little bit of time to those who are in need of free advice and assistance in succeeding in affilate marketing.

    anyone who is interested can contact me via pm and we can workout whats the best way of keeping in contact

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    My wife and I are just starting our venture into affiliate marketing. From everything I've read, the keys to success are perserverance and work. Takes a lot to get your marketing pages out there but if you do it right, you can make some money.

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