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Thread: Are you earning with affiliate markeing?

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    Are you earning with affiliate markeing?

    I just tried with doing affiliate marketing . I'm not getting any revenue from that . What about you? What kind of strategies applying to get handsome earning?

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    Affilate marketing is the best way to earn money! However I find it hard because of promoting the products and end with no sales. So I just have to read and read and learn on how to get sales. Maybe a month for now I can give my success stories.

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    I have tried earning lot with affiliate marketing and unable to do so, so I am not using affiliate marketing now. Only source of income for me now is adsene and other data entry works.

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    affiliate marketing can generate a very large income but it takes a lot of hard work. You will have to spend on websites and ads in order to maximise your earnings.

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    No I never got lucky with affiliate programs. Tried few months to sell ClickBank affiliate products, but never succeeded. Till this date my earning with affiliate programs is big $ 0. But luckily I have affiliates under me selling my info products and I am paying them good commission.

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    I earned big 0$ from afifiliate marketing I find it hard, but I know that it is possible to make nice cash from it but I just give very small amount of time I know I could earn from it and also everyone else that is trying.

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    it gives you a lot of money but you have to work hard to get it and should spend some time to get it.. try again and again

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